Friday, May 20, 2011

Sony Playstation Phone??

We have the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

The Xperia Play as it is called has some truly impressive specs. It doesn't have a dual-core processor, but it has as much RAM as an XBox 360, the standard front-facing camera, and between six and eight hours of talk time. Its screen is almost as sharp as the iPhone's, and it comes with unique Android features, such as Google Voice Search and the latest Google apps.
What makes it a PlayStation phone, though, are its gaming features -- like a slide-out controller with shoulder buttons and analog thumbpads, plus apps that let you buy PlayStation games and access the PlayStation Network. And it's not just 10-year-old classic games that are being featured on the Xperia Play,either; over 60 games are being sold through its built-in store, including exclusives, and the Android Market has its own gaming section.
The problem for Android and PlayStation gamers, though, is that the iPhone has the Xperia Play beat when it comes to exclusive games -- at least games that aren't found on any other smartphones. And while some of these games, like "PopCap's," are coming to Amazon's "Appstore for Android," publishers like Epic Games have held back, according to Gizmodo, for a variety of reasons
Even companies that develop games for both platforms typically write for the iPhone first, and for Android much later (if at all). Square-Enix's called "Chaos Rings," that is an iPhone/iPod/iPad exclusive.
I really do like this concept but i think its a bit much for a phone. I dont see this as a threat to the I-Phone at all. What is you opinion on this? Would you buy it?


  1. I don't see this taking off. Remember the N-Gage? Some say it was ahead of its time. I say I don't buy a phone for its gaming capabilities. If this was a PSP with phone features, then it would work. But its a new platform entirely as far as games go. Aside from 15 year old PSONE games that few people will buy yet again, this will have what? And look at the Windows Phone 7. Haha. That was supposed to be so great too, and it looks like fail. I do hate that the iPhone is touted as this great invention. Why? Because of a few exclusive games? You want games? Buy a gaming device, its what they were designed to do.

    That's my 2 cents, thank you.

  2. I would much rather have an XBox phone lol

  3. I'm not sold on the concept. Especially with NGP coming out later this year.

  4. I would definitely get this if it truly is released.

  5. It DOES seem like a little too much stuff for a phone, but you know what? I'll probably still buy it. It sounds pretty freakin cool.

  6. I'd have to agree with JeffreyD on this one. If it was some playstation device with phone capabilities, it would probably work. A phone first and gaming console second...probably not so much.

  7. ppffffssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh i would absoluteley LOVE to have one of those!